What We Do

Today I will give everything I have, what I keep inside I will lose forever

Since 1999, Twist Conditioning Incorporated, has been an industry leader in sport-specific and functional fitness, exercising to build Smart Muscle™. Just as balance is the foundation of our training, it is also the pillar of our company. With 4 major divisions - Training, Products, Education and Franchise, Twist Conditioning is world class in athlete training services, unique sport-fitness products, professional how-to-train educational programs and an integration of these 3 divisions with franchised sport conditioning centres.


Spearheaded by Peter Twist, an exercise physiologist and 11 year veteran NHL Conditioning Coach the Twist Team is staffed with an elite array of highly qualified sport conditioning specialists and fitness-business professionals. With over 20 years experience in training more than 700 professional athletes including players in the NHL, NBA and MLB, Coach Twist has a distinctly unique training system that progressively trains multi-directional movement skills, speed, agility, quickness, deceleration, reactivity, balance and whole body strength & power. The focus is on enhancing athlete performance through the development of athleticism providing athletes of all ages and all sports with improved physical tools to pursue their goals in sport and life. Twist Sport Conditioning Centers offer Smart Muscle™ training to active boomers and their kids to help people recapture a body that moves well, pain free and functional for all activities in life.


Peter Twist's passion is teaching – he has shared his training theory in 10 books, 18 DVDs and more than 400 articles on athlete development and sport performance. The Twist Education team is driven to deliver results, create new exercises and training concepts founded in science, implemented first in Twist Sport Conditioning Centres with athletes who validate the training style with continuous performance improvements. Twist SCC Coaches share exercise information with parents, teachers, coaches and medical professionals through workshops and PD Days in their community.

The new training methods are then shared through conferences where Twist Presenters train the trainers and coach the coaches. As the teacher to the professional trainers, Twist exists at the front-end of the industry, creating new how-to-train content which is packaged into world class home study professional resources. With the goal of changing the way people train, improving athleticism and increasing activity levels, Twist how-to-train Smart Muscle™ resources are distributed world-wide for active adults, kids and aspiring athletes who learn to train with equipment to match to build Smart Muscle™ and become their very best.


The Twist product division serves as the world-wide exclusive master distributor for Smart Muscle™ exercise tools, such as the Smart Balance Board, Smart Toner and Smart Gym. Twist Conditioning only represents the highest quality, best of class training equipment that best fit the Twist sport conditioning paradigm, offering North America's most progressive line of industry products. Twist only represents the select products they use everyday, including the top selling BOSU® Balance Trainer. The Twist Smart Muscle™ line is wholesaled to all re-seller categories – on-line stores, catalogue companies, commercial reps, retailers and mass merchandisers. With Peter Twist's own role in the design of new products with manufacturer partnerships, Twist Conditioning is positioned as an industry innovator and the best source for future top selling products that are created to challenge the body in new ways, produce better results, and make exercise interesting, fun and fresh.

Give Energy™

Twist Conditioning is known for an outstanding corporate culture that promotes living a vibrant life, having a work hard – play hard attitude and constantly giving energy to others. This combination is founded on mutual respect with the camaraderie and dynamics similar to a close knit winning sport team. The culture is our foundation. It defines who we are and guides how we operate. Twist Conditioning is committed to leading an evolving sport conditioning industry with a focus on improving all aspects of the human machine – from youth sports to aging boomers, at Twist Conditioning everyone is an athlete!